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Shelter Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 10:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Shelter Closed Sundays and Holidays
Phone: 385-GOT-PETS
Fax: 385-468-6028
Officer Dispatch: 801-743-7045
Our telephone switchboard is available Monday - Friday during regular business hours
Salt Lake County Animal Services
511 W 3900 S
Salt Lake City, Utah  84123

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For animal-related complaints, call dispatch

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Sterilization Myths

Why spay and neuter?

It is good for you

  • Spayed and neutered pets are more affectionate, calmer companions
  • Spayed and neutered pets are less likely to bite and have fewer behavior problems such as spraying, marking, and escaping
  • Spaying eliminates the heat cycle in females making them calmer, cleaner, and less likely to attract unwanted males
  • Puppies and kittens are expensive and time-consuming
  • Licensing fees are greatly reduced for spayed or neutered pets

It is good for your pet

  • Spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier lives
  • Neutering reduces the urge to roam which, in turn, lowers the chance of fights and the risks of poisoning and auto accidents

It is good for your conscience

  • Millions of healty, well-adjusted animals are euthanized each year nationwide simply because there not enough homes for them. Community support is the key to halting this sad waste of life. Spaying and neutering your pets will help make sure there are fewer homeless animals in the shelters. Please do your part to help the animals

It is good for the community

  • Animal overpopulation costs tax payers millions of dollars each year
  • Animal overpopulation can result in large numbers of stray animals - increasing the risk of disease, car accidents, bites, and nuisances caused by stray pets

Does your pet need to be fixed?

Take advantage of the Big Fix, mobile spay and neuter clinic that offers extremely discounted services. See No More Homelesss Pets in Utah's website - for more details.

Sterilization saves lives!