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Vote by Mail Programs


Permanent Vote by Mail

Your ballot can be mailed to you on an on-going basis by signing up for our Permanent Vote by Mail Program. Any registered voter may apply to permanently receive his/her ballot by mail by clicking here: Permanent Vote By Mail.

Ballots to voters in our Permanent Vote By Mail Program are mailed approximately four weeks prior to each election.

Ballots cannot be forwarded by the U.S. Post Office so be sure to update your address with our office if you move within Salt Lake County.

Single Election By Mail Voting (Or Absentee Voting)

If you would like to receive a by mail (absentee) ballot for a specific election and do not want to sign up for the Permanent Vote By Mail Program, you may download the form by clicking here: Absentee Ballot Application.

Military and Overseas Voters

Military or overseas voters may complete the Federal Postcard Application, which can be accessed by visiting the Federal Voting Assistance Program web site at:

Return of Application

Please complete your form and return it to the Salt Lake County Clerk's office no later than the Thursday before the election.

You may return the form;