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Community and Economic Development

Salt Lake County helps Revitalize Neighborhoods and further the Mayor's Quality of Life Strategy by awarding the federal grant funds it receives to Non-Profit and Governmental Agencies. The intent is to utilize these funds as part of a collective strategy to increase job growth, expand educational opportunities and foster healthier families by addressing the identified education and income needs as well as fundamental housing, food, health and safety concerns.

This also includes providing infrastructure and facility improvement needs in areas of low opportunity and to reach the undeserved communities.

Funding Priorities have been identified as well as eligible service categories, eligible performance indicators, tools required to measure performance and short-term and long-term outcomes.

Priorities Include:

  • Access to Crisis Services - Homeless to be Housed
  • Housing - Choice in Housing Options
  • Economic Independence or Support - Individuals and Families to be Self-Supported through Sufficient Earnings; and Dependency to be Reduced or Eliminated
  • Stability and Safety - Individuals and Families to be Stabilized and Safe; Dependency to be Reduced or Eliminated
  • Infrastructure Improvements - Neighborhood Revitalization

Funding is intended to assist residents at or below 80% of the
area median income.

Salt Lake County's Economic Development Department also supports existing business and encourages new enterprise.