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Salt Lake County

Bureaucracy Busters


Bureaucracy Busters Goal

to make our work environment better through eliminating roadblocks and simplifying processes

BB Values
  • We can't do this by ourselves.
  • We are all in this together.
  • No one in the County can do their job alone.

Bureaucracy Busters Logo

Are you bothered by tasks at work that require too much time and red tape to get done, for no apparent reason? Don't despair! The Bureaucracy Busters are coming!

We're an informal group of individuals, cutting across departmental lines and diverse backgrounds, who volunteered to see what we can do to make work life easier for County employees and make our government more responsive to citizen needs. We have no authority or agenda, other than to encourage changes that reduce needless and wasteful activities which slow you down, whether due to policy or historical practice.

Our role is to provide a voice for County employees to surface the things that make their work less productive, more difficult and crazy-making. Bureaucracy Busters will work with employees and County agencies by actively seeking changes needed in policies, procedures, rules, etc to address the issues involved, and share the knowledge gained across County government to the benefit of all sharing similar problems. We want to facilitate development of policy changes where needed to break through red tape and costly delays to forward to the Steering Committee and Council for adoption Countywide. Understanding the "why" of policies is important, but our approach won't assume we can't be different to be right, and we hope to have some fun in the process.

No problem is too small-or too big-to be busted. All you need is to explain it to us, so we can help you devise a better, quicker, more direct way to get your job done. Then we will help you and your supervisors identify the policies, rules or practices that need to change and assist in bringing those changes through appropriate management channels to legislative bodies, as needed, for final adoption.

Here's how to reach us:

Send your request via interoffice mail to Bureacracy Busters, Suite N4100 or send an email to

Sincerely yours,
  • Ann Stoddard
  • Allison Dodge
  • Brad Kendrick 
  • Colin Smith
  • Darian Abegglen
  • Debbie Riddle
  • Debi Garlich 
  • Glendon Mitchell
  • Javaid Majid
  • Jerome Battle
  • Kerry Steadman
  • Michelle Roach
  • Mitch Park
  • Talia Butler