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Girls Help Clean Up

Comcast Cares Day event at the Grandeur Peak / Parleys Trailhead this Saturday, April 25 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. The parking lot will be closed to the public to allow volunteers to access the area for a clean up and weed pull. Hikers and bikers will be able to access the parking lot by 1 p.m.




Open Space

Salt Lake County Open Space preserves natural lands located in Salt Lake County for the enjoyment of county residents and the public at large.

 Perkins Flat

What is Open Space?

Land in a predominantly open, agricultural, or undeveloped condition that is suitable for any of the following:

  • Natural Areas
  • Wildlife and native plant habitat
  • Important wetlands or watershed lands
  • Stream corridors
  • Passive or low impact activities
  • Trails for non-motorized use
  • Agricultural Activities

Open Space lands may be preserved in order to maintain or improve the natural, scenic, ecological, historic, hydrological, or geological values of the property.


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Love this Land Lend a HandIf you're looking for a service project, contact us. We love to have community groups help us protect and maintain our open space areas.