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Public Works Engineering—Flood Control

Jordan River Restoration

River Oaks Restoration Project

Numerous restoration projects are underway in the Jordan River Watershed. If your group is involved in any projects, please let us know so that we can inform others of your good work. Some projects which have been completed in the past include:

1. COIR Fabric Revetment
Demonstration Project
$40,000, 1998
near James Madison Park
3600 South Jordan River

2. Clean up and Restoration Project (pdf)
$267,753, 2002
3900 South Jordan River

3. Murray Parkway Bank Restoration (pdf)
$214,596, 1999
I-215 to Bullion Street Jordan River

4. Murray Parkway 319
$80,000, 1992
Winchester Street to I-215 Jordan River

5. Constructed Wetland Ponds (pdf)
$1,106,835, 2002
7800 South Jordan River

6. River Oaks Restoration Project (pdf)
$699,724, 2000
9000 South to 9400 South Jordan River

7. COIR Fabric Bank Stabilization (pdf)
$80,000, 2000
10200 South to 10600 South Jordan River

8. South Jordan River Restoration (pdf)
$616,010, 2000
10600 South to 11200 South Jordan River

9. Riverbend Resoration Project (pdf)
$364,552, 2002
13000 South Jordan River

For more information on Jordan River planning and restoration visit the Salt Lake County Water Resources site

COIR Fabric Revetment   Demonstration Project Clean up and Restoration Project Murray Parkway Bank Restoration Murray Parkway 319   Demonstration Constructed Wetland Ponds COIR Fabric Bank Stabilization South Jordan River Restoration Riverbend Resoration Project