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Public Works - Code Enforcement


The 2011 Vision

The Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services Division protects the health, safety and welfare of all citizens while serving as a nationally recognized leader in the industry.

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for protecting the public's health, safety, and general welfare through the limitation of violations of the Salt Lake County Zoning Code, Title 19. Major tasks include ending zoning code violations, enforcing business licenses, maintaining the code enforcement database, and monitoring illegal duplexes and properties that violate the Single Family Dwelling Code (more than one family living in a single family residential zone). This division issues civil notices and orders, as well as criminal citations. We work closely with the Salt Lake County Attorney's Office to make sure violations are brought into compliance.

Salt Lake County’s primary responsibility is to insure all properties are safe for the well being of citizens. Issues of concern include:
• Vacant buildings
• Trash
• Clear view violations
• Sheds and houses
• Unsafe and illegal home modifications (conversions)

The county finds it necessary to safeguard our appearance through property maintenance by addressing violations such as:
• Non-operational cars on private and public property
• Trash
• Abandoned appliances
• Areas of overgrown vegetation