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Bonding Information

Bonding Information and Fees

A Bond is an agreement between the applicant/developer and Salt Lake County that assures completion of on-site/ off-site improvements according to County specifications.

Salt Lake County requires one of the following performance bonds:

  1. Escrow - an account with an approved bank in which the bank agrees to hold the funds until the County directs them to be released;
  2. Letter of Credit - document obtained from an approved bank granting permission to the County to draw on the developer's account, should the developer default;
  3. Surety - insurance policy where the surety company guarantees performance by the developer;
  4. Cashier’s Check - a check to be deposited into a special account and held until the project is complete.

After you have decided which form of agreement you will use, contact the bond coordinator prior to coming into the office. A 24-hour period must be allowed in order for the preparation of the paperwork.

No work will be allowed until the bond has been accepted by the Salt Lake County Legislative Body.

All bond release requests must be in writing. After a site inspection and approval, the bond coordinator will process the release of a bond.

The following is a schedule of fees and Fee Estimator (xlsx File) which may be apply to your project should you choose to file a performance bond to guarantee completion of the required on-site/off-site improvements.

Any questions regarding Bonding, please contact the Bond Coordinator: 385 468-6678

This information is considered reliable as of the date indicated below. However, changes to application fees, ordinance amendments, and/or division policies may have occurred. Please verify all processes and fees prior to submitting an application.