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Public Works - Planning and Development

Building How To / Forms


If you need information on what should be submitted with a building permit application or what you should include on the plans, see the checklists below.

Building Permit Submital Requirements (30 KB PDF)

Site Plan Requirements (292 KB PDF)

2012 Residential Guideline



General Information

Demolition Infomation (228 KB PDF)

Permit - First Time Builder

Permit - New Home

Work Exempt from Permit

Building Ingress and Egress Requirements for Ramp (642 KB PDF)

Building Permit Process

Single & Two Family Dwelling Flow Chart (33 KB PDF)

Multi Family Dwelling Flow Chart (32 KB PDF)

Non Residential Permit Flow Chart (124 KB PDF)


Electrical, Plumbing, & Mechanical Inspections Handout (42 KB PDF)

Inspection Request (24 KB PDF)

Inspection Request IBC & IRC (39 KB PDF)

Manufactured Homes

Requirements for Locating Manufactured Home Outside of Mobile Home Parks (83 KB PDF)

Mobile Home Installation (56 KB PDF)