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FCOZ Revision

Read the Final Blue Ribbon Commission Report. Blue Ribbon Final Report (11 MB PDF)


The Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ) is the portions of the Salt Lake County zoning ordinance that regulates construction and development in the canyons and foothills. They are located in two Chapters of the ordinance, 19.72 and 19.73. The FCOZ ordinances were adopted by the County Commission in 1997 and replaced an earlier Hillside Protection Ordinance. View the complete ordinance.

Increased population growth, improvements in construction technology, growing pressures on the watershed, and increased fire dangers, are a few of the factors that have created the need for the ordinance’s update. Salt Lake County kicked off the public conversation on FCOZ with a panel discussion at the Wasatch Canyons Today symposium.

Blue Ribbon Commission

The final report from the commission was presented in October, 2013. It supports existing provisions in the FCOZ such as achieving the balance between preservation and property rights and protecting drinking water supplies. New findings include the creation of Mountain Resort Zone that recognize the year-round nature and use of resorts and recreational activities in the canyons.

The full report, including all of the recommendations can be found here. Blue Ribbon Final Report (11 MB PDF)

Salt Lake County created a 15-member Blue Ribbon Commission to guide the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ) ordinance revision process.

The volunteer commission members are representative of a variety of community groups and provide leadership throughout the entire FCOZ revision process, keeping public input as their primary focus.

52 Blue Ribbon Commission applications were received. Salt Lake County Public Works Director Patrick Leary has reviewed each application with Mayor Corroon.

Mayor Corroon submitted his 15-board member recommendations to the County Council. The Council reviewed and approved the Blue Ribbon Commission members on June 5, 2012. 

Learn about the Blue Ribbon Commission members (48 KB PDF).

See Blue Ribbon Commission meeting schedule (225 KB PDF).

To leave comments and suggestions regarding the FCOZ Ordinance revision contact us.

Technical Teams

The FCOZ revision technical teams will be tasked to actually rewrite the ordinance. They will base their efforts on the guiding principles that are established through the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission. The technical teams will consist of individuals who understand the specific requirements of writing land use ordinances.  The goal is to have the technical language in place that reflects the vision brought forward by the Blue Ribbon Commission.

  • Blue Ribbon Commission line-by-line analysis - Working Draft (2 MB PDF)