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Sorenson Multicultural and Unity Fitness Center

Sorenson Multicultural and Unity Fitness Center

855 West California Avenue (1300 S), SLC UT 84104 • 385 468 1300

What is the Sorenson Multicultural and Unity Fitness Center?

The Sorenson Multicultural and Unity Fitness Center is a  collaborated effort between Salt Lake City Corporation and Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation. For information on the fitness center, group fitness classes, drop in child care, swim lessons, open plunge, water aerobics, boxing, child care, room & gymnasium rentals, youth & adult sports, open court times and Kids Café please contact Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation at 385-468-1300.

For information on the HIVE bus pass, event rentals, community garden and the art gallery please contact   Sorenson Unity Administration office at 801-535-6533.

What kind of fitness equipment do you offer?
  • Cardio Equipment:4 Recumbent bikes,
  • 4 Total body elliptical machines, 2 Heartrate upright bikes, 2 adapted motion trainers and 10 treadmills.
  • Selectorized Machines: Leg extensions, seated leg curl, seated leg press, abduction/ adduction, vertical chest, overhead press, lat pulldown, rear del/ pec fly, abdominal crunch, biceps curl, triceps extension, back extension, seated row, and assisted chin/dip.
  • Selectored and free weights: Compact crossover, many olympic benches, plates, bars, and dumbbells.
Do I have to live in the area?
No, anyone may purchase a pass for the same price regardless of where they live.
When is a good time to workout?
Our busy time is in the early morning and from 5-9 pm. So the best time is in the middle of the day. If you're a working parent and the middle of the day doesn't work for your schedule, remember we have hourly child care: Monday - Thursday from 5:30 - 8:30 pm.
Do I have to make an annual commitment?
No, We offer several passes that are renewed on your own terms.  We do have monthly bank draft passes that are a lower monthly rate, but the money is withdrawn once a month out of your checking account. The monthly bank draft is an annual commitment.
What are your rates?
See Recreation rates by center