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Salt Lake County Corporate Games

Welcome to Salt Lake County Corporate Games!

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Information on Winter Games - Please email Kathleen at 


Summer Games questions - Please Email or Angel Kent

Do you think your company would enjoy some friendly business to business team sports competitions?

  • Then come out and discover a great way for your company to increase workplace wellness, pride and excellence through employee teamwork, camaraderie, competition and fun while winning GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medals, Trophies, and Awards! 

We will be holding an informational meeting for all interested companies in MARCH 2016. 

  • This meeting will go over the in's and out's of Corporate Games - how to earn points, Divisions, Volunteer Opportunities, and many other details that make Corporate Games enjoyable for all of your employees.

What is Corporate Games?

The Corporate Games are designed to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. Salt Lake County is committed to carrying on long standing traditions to:

  • Promote wellness and encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Boost morale, build teamwork, and company pride among employees.

Salt Lake County brings together companies of all sizes to compete in a collection of over 30 events ranging from Softball to Mini Golf. Although the goal is to win the coveted Corporate Cup, it is the journey through participation that brings teamwork, morale, camaraderie and company pride to the forefront.

  • The Corporate Games connects over 75 Company teams with an estimated 30,000 employees, 8,500 participants as well as reaching extended family and friends.

We provide opportunity for everyone in your company to contribute to the team's success. From the Wellness Walk, or scrabble, to a soccer or basketball team, involving as many employees as possible is the goal of the Corporate Games.

In Simplest Terms

Corporate Games = Olympics

Companies = Country

Employees = Athletes, volunteers, and spectators

We are excited to begin planning our 2016 Summer Games and look forward to your company's participation! 


Anticipated Dates - July 27th-Sept 3rd

Check back for more information.

Check out last seasons pictures and videos @
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