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  • Taxpayer Annual Mailings By Law 

    (other reminder notices might be sent as a courtesy)
      Notice of Property Valuation - July 22nd

      Auditor sends a notice to taxpayers regarding the probable upcoming property tax amount to provide time for anyone wanting to file an appeal.

      Official Tax Notice - November 1st

      Treasurer sends final notice of taxes due. 

      Delinquent Tax Notice - December 31st

      Treasurer sends a notice to all delinquent taxpayers.

    Tax Service Departments

    • Property Tax Relief
    • Collections -  Prepayment Program, Current & Delinquent Payments, & Special Liens (bankruptcies, property splits, etc.)
    • Accounting (Refunds, etc.)

    Salt Lake County Property Tax Process - Basics

    By law the annual tax process involves 5 steps:

    Taxpayer Services

    Budgets are  generated by 72 County entities that perform public services like schools, libraries, cities, etc.  (Remember, in your area you only utilize  and fund a few of these services)


    Records and  accurately maintains all County property ownership.


    Values all  the recorded County properties.

    Auditor & Utah State Tax Commission

    Calculates a tax rate multiplier for the property values to fund all 72 Countywide service entity budgets.


    • Administers taxpayer relief programs for the needy.
    • Bills, Collects, Protects, & Distributes $1Billion in property taxes to fund the 72 countywide budgets
    • Funds Mayor/Council Operations (Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc.)
    • Invests Mayor/Council Short-term Available Funds