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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Watershed Symposium

Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium

10th Annual Watershed Symposium
November 15-16, 2016

"10 Years and Counting...Continuing the Conversation"






CALL FOR ABSTRACTS -- Due August 5, 2016 
Now accepting abstracts through August 5. We are seeking enthusiastic presenters interested in sharing their experiences and lessons learned!

What it's all about

Free and open to all, the Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium encourages a comprehensive review of the current state of our watershed while creating learning and networking opportunities for a broad array of stakeholders. Sessions are dedicated to bringing  individuals from a wide range of backgrounds together, including science, engineering, business, public policy, education, and community groups.

Hosted annually by the Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration Program, this event brings together personnel from state, federal, tribal, and municipal governments; the private sector; the public; academia; environmental groups; and local watershed organizations.

What attendees had to say last year...

Here are some of our favorite comments from last year:

“It gets better every year. There is no other event in Utah that provides such a learning opportunity.”

“The keynotes were engaging and thought-provoking. Embracing a bit of controversy should absolutely be part of the symposium…”

“It was a great mix of political aspects as well as current scientific research on extremely important issues of water quality and quantity.”

"There is so much research, studying and collaborating that I wasn’t aware of."


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Past Symposiums

Visit the Symposium Archive for presentations, field trips, event programs, photos and more from past events.

We want to hear from you!

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