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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Watershed Symposium

CALL for SESSIONS | Watershed Symposium 2014

Proposals due by August 31

8th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium
November 19-21, 2014 |  Utah Cultural Celebration Center

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The Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium brings together water quality experts, policy makers, environmental advocates, industry, academics, students, and the public. Sessions cover a broad range of topics—from general interest to technical—with local, regional, and national relevance.

We welcome all session ideas including, but not limited to, habitat conservation, ecological restoration, nonpoint source pollution, green infrastructure, storm water, urban watershed challenges, environmental education, water rights, air quality, climate change, case studies on river/stream/water body revitalization, Jordan River, Great Salt Lake, and more.

Presenters may submit multiple proposals, but each session must be proposed separately.

Submission of a proposal assumes you have read, understand and agree to the GENERAL GUIDELINES listed below:  

1) Presenters agree to:
- Register online for the Watershed Symposium (event is FREE).
- Give presentations that are informational and interactive.
- Bring copies of any handouts.
- Encourage the completion of session evaluations.
- Be photographed, filmed, or interviewed during the Symposium.
- Leave politics at the door.

2) Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration agrees to:
- Inform applicants of our final decisions no later than 9/30/14.
- Promote all sessions on our website and in the printed program.
- Provide a summary of session evaluations to all presenters.

3) Five presenters maximum per session. Six presenters maximum per panel discussion (five panelists and one moderator; moderator cannot also be a panelist).

4) Proposals must be complete, forms lacking required information will not be considered.

***The online proposal form consists of multiple pages.

If you would like to print a pdf of the form in advance, click here.**


If you have questions, please contact:

Lynn Berni
Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration Program
(385) 468-6643





Your opportunity to join the conversation about water quality, pollution control, and nature protection. Find out what's being done to make a difference, and what you can do!  Started in 2007, the Watershed Symposium is hosted annually by Salt Lake County's Watershed Planning & Restoration Program.