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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Watershed Symposium

8th Annual 
Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium

November 19-21, 2014

Feedback please! Take the online survey and let us know about your Symposium experience.

Wasatch Institute of Technology students checking in on Day 1 

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and expertise to make the 2014 Watershed Symposium a success. We had a record turnout of 450+ attendees over two days of speakers and sessions, plus field trips!

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The buzz at this year's Symposium was the attendance by Wasatch Institute of Technology students, a charter high school. The entire student body attended the Symposium, half of the students on Day 1 and the other half on Day 2.

What it's all about

The primary goal of the Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium is to bring together water quality experts, policy makers, environmental advocates, industry, academics, students, and the public to further research, foster collaboration, and provide a forum for networking opportunities.

Survey says...

We love feedback! Please take the online survey and let us know about your experience at the 2014 Watershed Symposium.

Information from the session feedback forms that were filled out during the Symposium will be incorporated into the online survey results.


Keynote—Mountain Accord: Not Another Study on the Shelf

Keynote—iUTAH: Science for Utah’s Water Future (5.24mb)
Michelle Baker, Utah State University

303(d) For You and Me: A Long-Term Vision for Water Quality (1.11mb)
Carl Adams, Division of Water Quality

And the Experts Say...Expert Panels of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL ( 2.21mb)
David Hirschman, Center for Watershed Protection

Behind the Bushes: Unseen Residents of the Jordan River Parkway Trail (33.41mb)
Kerry Cramer, Salt Lake County Health Dept.

Beyond the Pulaski: Conservation Corps in the 21st Century (3.25mb)
Dave Bastian, Utah Conservation Corps

Conserving Water Without Reducing Quality of Life (8.83mb)
Kerry Kopp, Joanna EndterWada, Utah State University

Environmental Crimes, Clean Water Act Enforcement and Teamwork (45.95mb)
Ron Lund, Salt Lake County Health Dept.

Going Native in the Landscape (32.65mb)
Larry Rupp, Richard Anderson, Jerry Goodspeed, JayDee Gunnell, Utah State University

In Accord with Our Watersheds (6.6mb)
Stacey Arens, MWH
Laura Briefer, Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Marian-Hubbard Rice, Salt Lake County Watershed

Ann Ober, Clint McAffee, Park City

Innovative Tools for Water Education (15.95mb)
Laura Hanson, Jordan River Commission
Nick Schou, Utah Rivers Council

iUTAH: Enabling Sustainable Water Systems for Utah

Late Breaking Headlines from the Stormwater News & Gazette (4.23mb)
David Hirschman, Bill Stack, Center for Watershed Protection

Mountain Accord: Harmony or Noise? (6.04mb)
Pat Shea, PAS, PC

Nutrients in Great Salt Lake Wetlands: Fluxes and the Role of Microbes (1.18mb)
Scott Teeters, University of Utah

Our Watershed in 2050? The impact of adding 2.5 million people to the Wasatch Front and Back? (2.4mb)
Robert Grow, Envision Utah

Protecting Great Salt Lake: Meeting the Water Quality Challenge (27.74mb)
Jodi Gardberg, Division of Water Quality

Research, Monitoring, and Recovery Projects on Utah Lake and the Utah Lake/Jordan River Transition Zone (11.52mb)
Suzanne Walther, Weihong Wang, Utah Valley University
Hilary Arens, Division of Water Quality
Michael Mills, June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program

Securing Future Water Supplies within the Great Salt Lake Watershed (8.95mb)
Alan Matheson, Utah State Governors Office
Laura Briefer, Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Robert Davies, Utah State University
Dan McCool, University of Utah
Jeff Salt, Great Salt Lake

Stormwater Programs in Utah: What the Managers and Operators Think (7.09mb)
Steve Burgon, Salt Lake County
Andrea Armstrong, Utah State University

Utah at the Crossroads: Climate Change Impacts to our Watersheds (link to Utah Rivers Council 2012 full report "Crossroads Utah: Utah's Climate Future")
Zach Frankel, Utah Rivers Council

Water Flows through the City: Planning Perspectives
Martin Buchert, Erfan Goharian, Sarah Hinners, Phillip Stoker, University of Utah

We Just Had a Fire in the Watershed, Now What? (4.75mb)
David Waldron, Forsgren Associates
Robert Ramsey, Canyon Concepts

Win, Win, Win! Jordan River Bird Monitoring through Citizen Science (7.82mb)
Peter Woodruff, Rachel LeBlanc, Tracy Aviary

Field Trips

Tour the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility
iUTAH Activities in the Red Butte Creek Watershed

Continuing Education (CEU)

The Watershed Symposium received course accreditation from the Utah Water Operator Certification Program.

November 19:   0.4 credits
November 20:   0.4 credits
November 21:   0.2 credits