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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Water Quality Stewardship Plan

WaQSP DocumentIn 2006, Salt Lake County began a collaborative effort to develop a water quality stewardship plan. With the 2009 Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan (WaQSP) in hand, implementation of the plan recommendations is ongoing. We are always looking to partner with municipalities and other stakeholder groups; please let us know about local projects that would improve water quality and/or watershed function.

We anticipate that the WaQSP will be updated every six years. Ideas and suggestions for items to be addressed in the 2015 Update are always welcome!


Water Quality Stewardship Plan (WaQSP)

WaQSP Synopsis (8-page brochure, 750 kb)
WaQSP Executive Summary (1.7 MB)


Table of Contents
Acknowledgements (100 kb)
Document Preparers (200 kb)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (800 kb)
Chapter 2 - Goals and Objectives (734 kb)
Chapter 3 - Watershed Characterization (5.3 mb) 
Chapter 4 - Watershed Planning Elements (17 mb)
Chapter 5 - Atlas of Opportunities (33 mb)
Chapter 6 - Implementation  (1.2 mb)
Chapter 7 - Monitoring (428 kb)
References (200 kb)
Acronyms (100 kb)
Glossary (128 kb)


A: Authorities and Jurisdictions (563 kb)
B: UPDES Discharge Permits (450 kb)
C: Wastewater Technical Memorandums (15.5 mb)
D: Habitat Bibliography (1.1 MB 1.1 mb)
E: GAP Vegetation Descriptions (2.5 mb)
F: Public Opinion Survey (14.5 mb)
G: Stream Function Index (SFI) Methodology (800 kb)
H: Responsiveness Summary (189 kb)
I: Headwaters Protection Supplementary Documents (340 kb)
J: Stakeholders (180 kb)

Addendum: Stream Function Index (SFI)

The Stream Function Index is a rapid assessment monitoring tool developed by Salt Lake County to help achieve the goals of the WaQSP. The SFI measures the general health and condition of major waterways in the County, and provides the framework for further detailed studies and monitoring.

SFI Summary (8-page brochure) 
SFI Main Report (8.2 mb)
SFI Appendices (952 kb)


City-Specific SFI Reports:

Alta (2.5 mb)
Bluffdale (2.7 mb)
Cottonwood Heights (3.2 mb)
Draper (3.0 mb)
Herriman (2.9 mb)
Holladay (2.9 mb)
Midvale (3.0 mb)
Murray (3.2 mb)
Riverton (2.9 mb)
Salt Lake City (3.1 mb)
Sandy (3.3 mb)
South Jordan (3.3 mb)
South Salt Lake (3.1 mb)
Taylorsville (3.1 mb)
West Jordan (3.1 mb)
West Valley (3.1 mb)


Public Opinion Surveys 

Random phone surveys were conducted among Salt Lake County residents to explore attitudes and practices related to watersheds, land use, water quality, public policy, and outdoor recreation.

2007 Survey Report (Dan Jones)
2010 Survey Report (OpinionWorks)




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