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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Water Quality Stewardship Plan

Salt Lake County
Integrated Watershed Plan


2015 Plan

Work on a 6-year update to the 2009 Plan began December 2014. Originally published as the Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan, the plan has been renamed to the Salt Lake County Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP). 

This updated name reflects the two key components of the plan:

  1. To meet the requirements of Section 208 of the Clean Water Act. This is required because Salt Lake County is the Area Wide Water Quality Planning Authority, as designated by the Governor of Utah in 1978.
  2. To incorporate elements of a Watershed Plan, as required by the Clean Water Act, which allows Salt Lake County to obtain funding from both State and Federal entities. 

Public Comment

Salt Lake County is now accepting public comments on the Final Draft of the 2015 Salt Lake County Integrated Watershed Plan from August 3, 2016 until 5:00pm on September 2, 2016.

Please submit all comments in writing by September 2, 2016 to Lynn Berni via email, or mail to Lynn Berni, Salt Lake County Government Center, P.O. Box 144575, Salt Lake City UT 84114-4575.

If you have additional questions, please contact Lynn Berni


2009 Plan

WaQSP Document

In 2006, Salt Lake County began a collaborative effort to develop a the Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan (WaQSP). Published in 2009, implementation of plan recommendations is ongoing.

Synopsis (8-page brochure, 750 kb)
Executive Summary (1.7 MB)

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements (100 kb)
Document Preparers (200 kb)
Ch1: Introduction (800 kb)
Ch2: Goals and Objectives (734 kb)
Ch3: Watershed Characterization (5.3 mb) 
Ch4 - Watershed Planning Elements (17 mb)
Ch5 - Atlas of Opportunities (33 mb)
Ch6 - Implementation  (1.2 mb)
Ch7 - Monitoring (428 kb)
References (200 kb)
Acronyms (100 kb)
Glossary (128 kb)

A: Authorities and Jurisdictions (563 kb)
B: UPDES Discharge Permits (450 kb)
C: Wastewater Technical Memorandums (15.5 mb)
D: Habitat Bibliography (1.1 MB 1.1 mb)
E: GAP Vegetation Descriptions (2.5 mb)
F: Public Opinion Survey (14.5 mb)
G: Stream Function Index (SFI) Methodology (800 kb)
H: Responsiveness Summary (189 kb)
I: Headwaters Protection Supplementary Documents (340 kb)
J: Stakeholders (180 kb)
Addendum: Stream Function Index (SFI)

The Stream Function Index is a rapid assessment monitoring tool developed by Salt Lake County to help achieve the goals of the WaQSP. The SFI measures the general health and condition of major waterways in the County, and provides the framework for further detailed studies and monitoring.
SFI Summary (8-page brochure)
SFI Main Report (8.2 mb)
SFI Appendices (952 kb)

City-Specific SFI Reports:

Alta (2.5 mb)
Bluffdale (2.7 mb)
Cottonwood Heights (3.2 mb)
Draper (3.0 mb)
Herriman (2.9 mb)
Holladay (2.9 mb)
Midvale (3.0 mb)
Murray (3.2 mb)
Riverton (2.9 mb)
Salt Lake City (3.1 mb)
Sandy (3.3 mb)
South Jordan (3.3 mb)
South Salt Lake (3.1 mb)
Taylorsville (3.1 mb)
West Jordan (3.1 mb)
West Valley (3.1 mb)

2009 Plan Approval

State of Utah
Salt Lake County