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About Us

Our Mission

Salt Lake County Addressing is dedicated in working towards enhanced public safety, increased efficiency, and more effective government service by ensuring accurate addressing in Salt Lake County.

What We Do

Under Salt Lake County Ordinance 1849 § 11, 03-19-2019:

“It shall be the duty of the addressing agency to establish an addressing standards and definitions policy for the county, to name and number all streets, to designate numbers for houses or buildings fronting upon all such streets, to certify addresses in accordance with the addressing standards and definitions policy, and to enforce the provisions of this chapter for the unincorporated area of the county as well as contract entities, to provide requested addressing guidance from the incorporated cities, to approve alphabetic street names, and maintain and create address point data countywide by fostering a collaborative relationship with the incorporated cities of Salt Lake County. The addressing agency will maintain address points through documented data and/or validated data provided by the municipalities addressing authority. Maintenance includes creating new addresses, updating existing addresses and/or data associated with an address.”

Using the correct address allows emergency service responders to locate the caller in optimum response time, the USPS to deliver the mail appropriately, and the public to easily find a location in the Salt Lake Valley. Some of the Addressing Office responsibilities include street name approval, assigning addresses in unincorporated County, and maintaining property locations for Salt Lake County.

The County Addressing Office implemented an ordinance that defines the requirements of urban style addressing, the naming of streets, and the posting of address numbers.

What is Address Validation?

Salt Lake County Addressing validates all address information that is entered in our database.  When we validate addresses we are ensuring the address is standardized, that there is a frontage (house) number, a directional (N, S, E, W), appropriate street name and the address is assigned to the appropriate parcel.  Some other details we look for are the addresses is in sequence with the surrounding addressing information, house numbers are not divisible by 100, and the odd/even house numbers are assigned on the correct side of the street. Dependent on the type of property or specific circumstances we check that address matches recorded documentation.

We validate addresses to ensure mail delivery, delivery services and public safety can easily find you.  We provide address information to the United States Postal Service and E911 Dispatch. 

What Addresses do we Validate?

Building Permits:   Addressing uses this information to verify addresses on corner lots or when a structure has been demolished. We also use this information on historical addresses that were not recorded by document. We provide all building permit address information to the Salt Lake County Assessor’s office to assist in the assessment of properties.

Business License:   Addressing uses this information to verify multiple addresses on structures.  Additionally, this information is used for historical addresses that were not recorded by document.

Subdivision Plat:    When a subdivision plat is received in our office, we verify the address information on the subdivision plat and implement the information into our database in a standardized format. 

Affidavit:     When an address change document is acquired in the Salt Lake County Addressing office, we implement the address change in our address database.  We standardize the address and verify the addressing standards are met.

Why are Street Name Approvals needed?

Salt Lake County Addressing approves street names to ensure the street name is available and addressing standards are met.  Our office receives a preliminary plat, which includes the configuration of the streets, lots and new street name request.  Some of the standards we verify is length of street name, appropriate street type is assigned, duplication of street name and a directional or number is not being used as part of the street name.  This process can take several communications between our office and the requester before a suitable name is finalized.

Where do we Assign Addresses?

Salt Lake County Addressing assigns addresses for new development in the Unincorporated County, the Metro Townships in the Municipal Services District (Kearns, Magna, Copperton, Emigration Canyon and White City) and a contract city, Millcreek.  Our office receives a preliminary plat and assigns the addresses on the plat.  It’s possible we will review the preliminary plat several times during the subdivision process.  Once the plat is finalized and recorded we enter the new addresses into the Salt Lake County Addressing database.

2001 S State St N1-300  
PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
Phone: (385) 468-6760
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