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My Address

My location address is incorrect on my Tax notice and Valuation notice.

Call us at (385)468-6760 or email the Salt Lake County Addressing Office. Please include a parcel number, corrected address, phone number or email address.

My address was changed by the Salt Lake County Addressing Office, who should I inform about my new address?

Below you will find a list of parties which you should notify of an address change. Please note, the Post Office will only deliver mail to your old address for one year from the effective date of your address change. 
Please consider notifying: 

  • Utility Companies (Electric / Gas / Cable / Satellite TV / Internet)
  • Telephone (stationary and mobile) Company
  • Mortgage Company
  • Insurance Companies
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Drivers License
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Magazines/Newspapers and Periodicals
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Your Local Post Office
I am building a new house on my lot, how do I get an address assigned?
  • If you are in Unincorporated Salt Lake County or the Metro Townships of Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, or White City, the Municipal Services District Planning and Development Services will contact our office for the assignment of address. Millcreek City currently contracts with us for address assignments as well. These addresses will appear on recorded documentation and the building permit.
  • The incorporated cities are responsible for the assignment of addresses in their jurisdiction. For contact information for your city representative, contact us at (385)468-6760.

What if my address does not fit with the surrounding addresses?
  • Contact the Salt Lake County Addressing Office at (385)468-6760 or for address changes in Unincorporated Salt Lake County, the Metro Townships (Kearns, Magna, White City, Copperton, and Emigration Canyon), or Millcreek.
  • If you are in an incorporated city, please contact your city directly for more information.
Do I need to obtain an address for a vacant land, barn or workshop?

While vacant lots will have informal addresses assigned to them for tax assessment purposes, these lots will not have a certified address assigned until a structure foundation is in place. Structures such as barns, sheds, or workshops are not typically considered addressable structures. 

Please contact our office at (385)468-6760 or by email if you have questions about whether or not your structure needs an address.

Do I need to display my address?

Yes. Please refer to the County ordinance 2.49.060 Display of Property Identification Number to review the rules about displaying a property address.