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My Mail

How can I change my mailing address on my Tax notice and Valuation notice?

To correct your mailing address on your Tax notice and Valuation notice, please contact the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s Office at (385)468-8300.

What is the difference between a mailing address and a property address?

Mailing address is where you have your mail sent to.
Property address is the location address of a property.

The majority of the time the mailing and property addresses are one in the same. Some people do not have their mail delivered to their property if they have a PO Box or if they own several properties and have all their mail sent to one location, not to the individual properties.

I’m not receiving mail at my address, what should I do?

Validate your address against at the United States Postal Service website ( Report your findings to your local post office. If your address validates on the USPS website your mail should be delivered. If your mail does not validate on the USPS website, the USPS is not aware of your address information. 

Our office does not have jurisdiction over mailing issues, but if you need assistance finding the appropriate post office representative, please contact us at (385)468-6760.