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3.0 Address Standardization

3.1 Address components

Each address may contain the following components:

3.1.1 Frontage number

The prefix component of the address which is numerically sequenced and assigned to a structure or parcel along a street according to its relative distance perpendicular to the baseline or meridian axis streets of the Countywide Grid System.

3.1.2 Directional

The compass direction component of the address which to a large degree references the Countywide Grid System, quadrant and direction, in which the frontage numbers run along the roadway of both public and private streets. The directional is always abbreviated with the single letter equivalent for its compass direction. (e.g. E, W, N, S).

3.1.3 Street name

The component of the address which is given to both public and private rights-of-way to distinguish the location of one street from another. Street names are designated in either of two forms, but never both on the same street. Alphabetic names

Names which are numbers spelled alphabetically but do not have numerical characters, hyphens, or other non-alphabetic characters as part of the name, but may have numerical value (e.g. Second Ave). Alphabetic names are never abbreviated. Street numbers

Names which are numerically designated according to a streets position on the Countywide Grid System relative to either the baseline or meridian axis streets. Street numbers never contain alphanumeric characters (e.g. 2nd Ave). When a street number is used in the address, a directional which corresponds to its orientation on the grid is also required and is abbreviated with the first letter of the compass direction.

3.1.4 Street type

The component of the address which modifies the name to distinguish specific locational, functional and physical characteristics of the street to which the address is assigned. Street types are designated for standard use as a component of the address and are always abbreviated as follows:

Street Type Abbr. Street Type Abbr.
Avenue Ave Highway Hwy
Bay Bay Lane Ln
Boulevard Blvd Parkway Pkwy
Circle Cir Place Pl
Court Ct Road Rd
Cove Cv Row Row
Drive Dr Street St
Expressway Expy Way Wy

3.1.4. Standard building types may be substituted for street types in the address format as follows:

Center Cntr Commercial structures only
Mall Mall Commercial structures only
Square Sq Commercial structures only

3.1.5 Sub-structure suffix

The component of the address which is a numeric code used to identify a one-to-one correspondence between a building and high density occupancy structures within the building such as suites, rooms, apartments and condominium units. This code is always preceded with a “#” sign instead of using the work suite, unit, apt. or any other identifier when issued in standardized address format.

No address should incorporate more than five components. further, all addresses must absolutely include the first four components.

3.2 Address formats.

All applicable components of the address must be conscientiously used or the address is considered incomplete. The following address depicts correct and incorrect formats to be used in registering and issuing address certificates:

  • 2692 E Shuttle Run Wy # 102
    • Frontage Number: 2692
    • Directional: E
    • Street Name: Shuttle Run
    • Street Type: Wy
    • Sub-structure Suffix: # 102
  • 5268 S 2200 E # 12
    • Frontage Number: 5268
    • Directional: S
    • Street Number: 2200
    • Street Directional: E
    • Sub-structure Suffix: # 12

A.) 769 Wilson Avenue – Wrong
     769 E Wilson Ave – Right
B.) 842 East 1700 South – Wrong
      842 E 1700 S – Right
C.) 1700 S 842 E – Wrong
      842 E 1700 S – Right
D.) 922 E 3300 S Unit 3 – Wrong
      922 E 3300 S # 3 – Right
E.) 500 Union Park Center – Wrong
     6925 S Union Park Cntr # 500 – Right
F.) 769 E 1760 S – Wrong
     769 E Wilson Ave – Right

Coordinate number assigned to intersections should not be used as a street number and substituted for a street name.