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PAWlitical Pets


**Registration is CLOSED. Voting has begun and will run through Nov 5, 2021**

Calling All Pets! Become a PAWlitical Leader

Salt Lake County Animal Services is excited to announce its 4th PAWlitical Pet Election. Pets anywhere are encouraged to run for Salt Lake County PAWlitical Mayor. This is a 2-year term of office. PAWlitical Pets and voters can live anywhere.

This PAWlitical Election is a fundraiser sponsored by Salt Lake County Animal Services. It will be held every two years. The funds raised from this event will go to our Injured Animal Fund. We provide care for hundreds of injured and sick animals every year. This will benefit them greatly!

Your community will be electing a PAWlitical Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and PAWlitical Council (9 seats.) 

Download a Registration Form and the FAQ's and Qualifications

Questions? Email

Pay for registration fee online.

Salt Lake County PAWlitical Pet Qualifications
  • Pet can live anywhere. But it's easier to participate in our events if they're human lives in driving distance. 
  • Licensed (Proof needed if applicable. If your pet is not licensed, we can help you get that done.)
  • Fully vaccinated (proof needed if applicable)
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Email a 4 x 6 photo of your PAWlitical Candidate to
  • Registration DEADLINE – OCTOBER 14, 2021 @ 5 PM


Disclaimer: All PAWlitical Pet Candidates must be well-behaved, social, and healthy. NO biters allowed. Salt Lake County Animal Services reserves the right to remove any PAWlitical Candidate or PAWlitical official from office if a serious animal ordinance violation occurs.

How to Apply
  • Download an application, fill it out, and email it back. If you have to print it out, you can take a photo of the completed application and email that back. 
  • A $25 entry fee is required per candidate. In order to make payment please visit and select “enter your pet” to apply.
  • Mail/email completed application and copy of current vaccinations to: or
    Salt Lake County Animal Services
    C/O Nicole Simmons
    511 West 3900 South,
    Salt Lake City, UT, 84123
  • After we receive your completed entry, we will send out an email confirmation with important dates and rules. At that time, you will need to respond to the confirmation email with a short biography and a digital
    4 x 6 photo of your PAWlitical Candidate, if you have not already.
Entry Fee Includes
  • The opportunity for your pet to participate in the election to become the Salt Lake County PAWlitical Mayor for one 2-year term.
  • Photo placed on Salt Lake County Animal Services website, Facebook, community boards, and polling locations.
  • Opportunity to attend the PAWlitical Pets Meet & Greet “Tea Pawty” on Thursday, October 21 in Hucks Run, our new agility run. They can even try it out the run if they would like.
  • A PAWlitical Pets Bandana for all participating pets.

Remember this is a FUNdraiser for our Injured Animal Fund. Your registration fee will be going directly into that fund to help pets that come into our shelter in need of medical care.


PAWlitical Pet Duties & Responsibilities
  • Serve a 2-year term honorably
  • Attend various events with Salt Lake County Animal Services if they live within driving distance
  • Uphold all animal ordinances and be a good pet representative
  • Keep current on vaccines and animal license (if applicable)
  • Promote responsible pet ownership 



Download PAWlitical Pets FAQ's PDF

1. How can I vote?

  • This is the only election where it’s completely LEGAL and ENCOURAGED for people to BUY A VOTE!
  • You can vote electronically by visiting for $1/per vote (credit card only accepted on the website). You will be required to register to vote.
  • Voters can live anywhere in the world.

2.  How is the winner selected?

  • The winner is selected by the greatest amount of money raised by the voters via the voting system. A tie will be broken by the PAWlitical Candidate with the highest number of unique voters.

For example, PAWlitical Candidate A raised $100 by 6 voters and PAWlitical Candidate B raised $100 by 15 voters. PAWlitical Pet Candidate B would be declared the winner.  The pet with the second highest dollar amount raised will be declared the Deputy Pet Mayor.  After the Pet Mayor and Deputy Pet Mayor have been determined, the next nine pets with the highest number of votes will be declared members of the first official Salt Lake County PAWlitical Council.

3.  Can I enter more than one of my pets?

  • Absolutely! Each pet will need their own application and entry fee. Only one pet can win, though.

4.      Can I enter someone else’s pet?

  • No. You must be the guardian (or co-guardian) of the pet.

5.  Why does my pet have to be spayed/neutered?

  • One of the core philosophies at Salt Lake County Animal Services is that every pet be spayed/neutered. This helps reduce the pet population and thus reduces the number of pets that come into the shelter. To us, it’s responsible pet ownership. To read more on the programs near you, the benefits, and frequently asked questions about spaying/neutering please visit the “laws” section on our website,

6.  When will the winner be announced?

  • After all the votes are tallied and verified, the winner will be announced on Monday, November 8, 2021.

7.   Can I make yard signs, buttons, etc. to promote my PAWlitical Candidate?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Have fun with this. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Make buttons. Blog about it. Hit the campaign trail in your neighborhood or the local parks and talk to people about it. Promote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Spread the word!
  • It’s the responsibility of the PAWlitical Candidate’s human guardian to check with the city recorder, planning and zoning, or county public works office, to make sure signs are not in violation of ordinances. A PAWlitical Candidate’s human guardian must get permission from property owners before posting a sign.

8.   What happens if the PAWlitical Mayor or Council Member cannot serve their full 2-year term?

  • If the PAWlitical Mayor or Council Member cannot serve their full 2-year term, the 2nd runner up (Deputy Pet Mayor) will be inaugurated into office for the remaining term.  The position of Deputy Pet Mayor will be filled by the PAWlitical Pet Council Member with the highest number of votes in the initial election.  Inability to fulfill the duties of office must be declared in writing to

9.  I have more questions. Who do I contact?

10.   When will the PAWlitical winners be announced?

  • November 8! All winners will be officially sworn in front of the Salt Lake County Council.
    Date TBD

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