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a shelter cat wants to come home with you

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
January 11, 2018

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Choosing the shelter cat that wants to come home with you can be intimidating. 
If you're in a shelter with colony rooms, like the ones at Salt Lake County Animal Services,
take your time, sit down in the room and give the cats a few minutes to show you who they are. 

The following are a few tips to help you know if a shelter cat wants to come home with you.  

Tripping You: This cat doesn’t want you to go anywhere without them! When cats rub against you, they are trying to mark you with their smell.

Talking to You: “Chirps,” “Meows,” and “Purrs,” these cats have so many stories to tell, and are great company at home.

The Lap Cat: This cat will always love you, and love to sleep on you.

Making Muffins: Kneading, is said to be one of the ways cats say they love you, and means they are super happy.

The Sleeping Cat: Because really every cat wants to go home. This cat is nice and relaxed and wants you to choose them, but please let the sleeping cat lay.

We want you to play more in 2018 which is why we're promoting $18 adoptions throughout January. Want to know more about cat's available at Salt Lake County Animal Services? Contact, or visit our adoptable cats at 511 W 3900 S, or look online to see them all.