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Dating Apps for Dogs?

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
January 30, 2020

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There are plenty of places for us to go if we feel lonely and want to meet new people but what if your dog is lonely? Maybe you’re looking for some new dog buddies for your furry friend and don’t know where to start. Here’s some suggestions from staff at Salt Lake County Animal Services.

Well, the world of online dating for dogs is here. Woofr is an app that lets you find dogs and their owners in your area by swiping left/right. It’s Tinder but for dogs (and their people) and all you need to do to check out their profile is click on the little information icon.

To get started, enter in your dog’s information (and of course a little of yours) and a profile picture and you can begin to peruse who is in the market for a new friend in your area. Once you have made a match you can begin a private conversation and possibly make a date for you dog at the local dog park or another dog friendly location.

Let’s be honest this site may be a great place for you to meet local dog walkers in your area or a new friend for your four-legged furry friend, but it is also a great icebreaker for humans who love dogs and the best part is the site offers both options.

So, look at Woofr and find other dogs and their owners around you and even if they do not match with you, who doesn’t like scrolling through seeing dog after grinning dog.