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Foster Family Spotlight: Sarah Jeffs

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
June 12, 2020

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sarah jeffs

Fostering is a rewarding way to help pets awaiting adoption. By living in a foster home, a pet can show off their personality and show a potential adopter that they can live in a home. Become a foster.

Meet our June Spotlight: Sarah Jeffs & her family

How long have you been fostering? 
We have been fostering for 1 year almost exactly.

What had you interested in joining our foster program? 
We adopted our cats many years ago from Salt Lake County Animal Services and had a very positive experience. I had a friend on Facebook advertise that it was kitten season and fosters were needed. We thought fostering would be a good way for our family to provide service so I looked into your program since we had such a good experience adopting our cats through you. The rest is history!  

What types of animals have you fostered? 
We mostly have fostered kittens but once we also fostered a momma cat. We're about to pick up our 22nd cat today!

What is the most rewarding aspect of fostering? 
Being able to love and take care of little fluffy kittens until they are big enough to go to their forever home. It can be hard to let go of them once they are big enough to be adopted but knowing that they are going to loving homes helps enormously.

What advice would you give to a new foster in the program?
Most people we talk to about fostering are concerned about being able to give the animal back. We have to say that the first kitten we fostered was hard to give back and we cried. Since then, the goodbyes are still bittersweet but it does get easier. We've also learned that each kitten is different and when you first take them into your home, sometimes you need to give them time to get used to their new environment. We've learned a lot about life in general while taking care of these little guys. Also, a humidifier can be your best tool for a sick kitten (after antibiotics, of course). 

What is your favorite foster memory? 
We have many favorite memories from taking care of these babies. We have had a couple  of kittens that started purring as soon as you picked them up. We've had a few kitties that like to hang out on your shoulder and they are the best. Breakfast time is always fun because most of them are excited to get some wet food and make sure to let you know. The funniest memory I think we've had is when the momma cat we fostered stole a whole slice of pizza from a plate on the counter and we had to chase her down to take it away. She was so small, I think the slice of pizza was almost as big as she was!