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foster now forever: Julie Bee's Story

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
December 28, 2015

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At Salt Lake County Animal Services, we're fortunate to have a foster program that provides animals with a short or long-term home, while they wait to find their furever home. Our foster families love these animals, and sometimes the animal fits into their home, and fills a spot in their heart, that they decide to adopt the pet. Here is the story of Randy and her fosters: Hayden and Jujubee (Now Mrs. Julie Bee.)

Julie Bee Foster Adoption

Randy loves Mrs. Julie Bee

I am new to the foster program.  I lost Annie, my companion of 12 years in August of this year.  After speaking with a friend at work, Teresa, she suggested fostering for one of the local shelters.  I decided to see what it was all about.  I live in the Ogden area and so I started with the shelter close to home.  I visited several shelters and submitted foster applications at each but after three weeks I still didn’t have a foster.  I mentioned my frustration to Teresa in passing.  The very next morning October 1st (my birthday), she sent me an email about a senior at the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter, a shelter she has worked with for years.  She told me told me about Julie Bee and mentioned that she had come in with another dog (Hayden) but they were not sure if they were together.  I went to the shelter on my lunch and was introduced to Mrs. Bee (approx.  15 yrs.).  I asked the staff about the Hayden (approx.  10 yrs.) and they brought him out for an introduction as well.  The instant that Mrs. Bee saw Hayden it was obvious that they were a bonded pair and needed to be fostered together.  I filled out the foster application before I had to go back to work and asked if I might be able to foster both Mrs. Bee and Hayden.  I left not knowing if I would get them.  They were both sick with Kennel Cough and needed to be seen by the Vet.  Kathy Joe contacted me before the end of the day and I picked up both Mrs. Bee and Hayden after work and brought them home with me. 

I instantly bonded with Hayden but Mrs. Bee was so sick that she was withdrawn and reclusive.  After a couple of weeks Hayden had completely recovered from the Kennel Cough but Mrs. Bee needed another round of antibiotics.  It wasn’t until Mrs. Bee had recovered that I was able to really meet her, and what a wonderful friend she has become.   We lost Hayden a week after Mrs. Bee’s recovery to heart failure, we were devastated. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason and has a lesson in it for us.  I was really struggling with the reason and lesson in losing a second dog within a few months of each other.  I really didn’t feel that I needed another lesson in pain and loss.  When I realized that I may not have bonded with Mrs. Bee if it hadn’t been for Hayden.  He was her guardian-angle, and needed to make sure she had a place where she would be loved and cared for before he could leave. 

Hayden accomplished his mission in life.  He made sure his Mom (Mrs. Bee) had a forever home.  He bridged the gap between Mrs. Bee and myself and brought us together and for that I am forever grateful.  I was reminded of the importance of service to another and was given the best example of service to another in Hayden’s selfless act of compassion. 

We now go everywhere we can together and our favorite thing is to walk along the Ogden River and watch movies with some serious tummy action.  Mrs. Bee recently adopted me and has agreed to make me her forever home.   We have become the very best of friends.  We still miss Hayden and I think we always will, but having each other has made it that much easier to bear.

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