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gummy bear

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
March 09, 2018

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Salt Lake County Animal Services is all about second chances. Many pets come to our facility in poor physical condition and need lots of love and rehabilitation. Gummy Bear (aka Grimsby) is one such story. Here's to taking second chances on old cats.  

Gummy Bear came to the shelter as a stray in January 2017. When we first saw him, he was in horrible condition: matted, very sick (upper respiratory infection), and his mouth was in bad condition. We started him on antibiotics for the URI and housed him in our infirmary until that was resolved. We then realized how bad his mouth was. He was missing several teeth, and the ones he had left were not in good condition. We did full blood work and a dental, removing all remaining teeth.

Once we had resolved his major medical issues, he went up for adoption but still had a lot of issues with his gums, and couldn’t stop drooling. The veterinarians diagnosed him with stomatitis, making it hard for him to keep up on grooming. We sent him off to the groomers for a nice spa day!

He continued to struggle with the stress of the shelter life, but that didn’t stop our vets from trying! We kept him on a soft food diet, steroids, and green tea to help with the inflammation.

In March 2017 Liz Garcia came into the shelter and decided to adopt this handsome guy, and his life changed forever!

A note from Gummy Bears mom Liz Garcia:

Gummy Bear (aka Grimsby) was adopted March 25, 2017. He had stomatitis and was under weight. I asked my family veterinarian Dr. Llewellyn at Alcor Cresta if he was up to the challenge of helping Gummy Bear and he was. We didn't expect him to live long, but didn't want him to die at the shelter. We tried different dosages of steroids, multiple sessions of laser treatments, and finally added a new med, Atopica, to the mix. About two months after starting Atopica Gummy's life changed. He now eats kibble, his favorite food!

Because he no longer needs to worry about pain in his mouth he concentrates on more important things like chasing his sister Mini, playing with his toys, soaking up the sun, watching the birds, being his human's shadow, and biting everyone with his toothless mouth. 

Gummy Bear is the most loving cat. He is a great example of why it is worth taking a chance on an old raggedy cat. They may just turn out to be the best pet you've ever had!

A year later, he no longer looks like the skinny 16 year old scraggly cat we once knew!

Thank you Liz for taking a chance on Gummy Bear!