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January Volunteer Spotlight: Cliff Blow

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
January 06, 2020

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Meet our January volunteer of the month, Cliff Blow! Find out more about his volunteer experience at Salt Lake County Animal Services. If you're interested in volunteering find out more

Here's more about Cliff: 

What brought you to SLCoAS?

Some years ago after a crummy day at work on a really hot summer day, I decided to go visit a friend’s pasture and her horses; while I was there I decided to brush them. They wandered over and stood under a tree and I spent the next ½ hour or so brushing them. It seems during that time I had groomed the problems of the day gone, I felt much better and the horses I think enjoyed the time also. Wow, an easy fix for the days gloom. Today when I feel that way I spend time with my cats! One of other reasons is the Salt Lake County Shelter is one of the cleaner and nicer smelling facilities also.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

It is the same as I mentioned above, I always feel better after spending time with the cats. I am single and lead a pretty simple life so I have extra time that I can give back to the community, I have also volunteered at a horse facility and had a ball working with the horses, I worked my butt off there! I have never left either facility not feeling better about myself and what I am doing.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy hiking and camping and a little bit fishing, I enjoy being outdoors regardless of the temperature! I also have several Ford Mustangs, travel and spend a lot of time in National Parks and Forests.

Tell us about your family and fur kiddos:

I have two senior cats, a 17 year old female gray tabby and a 14 year old male Siamese Red point. They are my kids, I spend time with them every day either playing or brushing them, from that I get there love back many times over. My girlfriend has three cats, one male and two females in which I play with also.  

What advice do you have for new SLCoAS volunteers?

Just have fun with it, I leave running the facility to people to know what they are doing and it is their job to do so.

Do you have a favorite adoption story?

How about a fostering story? I fostered Patches, an 8 year old male cat for several months. I noticed the cat had been at the shelter for quite a long time, as I had fostered other cats from time to time I decided to take him on. It turns out he could be quite a handful. But over time he learned the house rules and I really enjoyed having him around. Unfortunately Patches is an aggressive cat and was really causing problems with my other two cats, I cried the day I had to bring him back! After that when I was at the shelter I always spent extra time with him, I could see that he was lonely in a cage but there was little that I could do about it. Finally Megan emailed me to let me know that he had been adopted by an older Gentleman with no other cats, a perfect home for him!

Tell us something unique about you:

Oh boy, I am just a run of the mill guy, other than never married or had children.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

The Redwood Forests of northern California, or Arches National Park in Utah.