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national pet dental health

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
February 14, 2018

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"Open your mouth kitty....please? Say AAAAH"?

We know brushing cat teeth can be quite difficult. Here are some tips and tricks on making it a little easier. February is National Pet Dental Health Month and we want to help your kitty have pearly whites.

  • Massage and handle your cats face often to get them used to having part of their face held. Do this for a few minutes each day until they feel comfortable with their face being touched.

  • Once they have gotten used to you handling the outside of their face, you can start massaging their teeth and gums. You can do this with your finger, a soft cloth, or gauze. Also do this for a few minutes each day until they become comfortable.

  • Choose a toothpaste and toothbrush made specifically for cats! Let your cat sniff and taste the toothpaste before using it.

  • Don’t force them through any of it. If they aren’t ready for the next step, keep working on the previous step a bit longer.

  • Brush their teeth every day. Brushing is most successful at preventing oral disease if it’s done every day. Plus, if you do it every day your cat won’t have to get familiar with the process each time.

  • Give praise and reward when finished! Cats love praise and treats! Definitely find the tasty treats too.

  • Some other helpful things to keep your cats teeth clean if brushing is just not working
    - Dental treats
    - Dental wipes
    - Chew toys
    - Dental cat food

If your cat refuses to brush their teeth, you can visit your local vet, who can clean your cats' teeth. If your cat is refusing to eat or chewing, it may be because of tooth pain, and we would recommend you take them to the vet immediately.