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Team Sabrina

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
July 21, 2017

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Salt Lake County Animal Services long term resident, Sabrina the black and white Pitbull, graduated has graduated from her C.L.A.S.S., with a Bachelors level in Canine Life and Social Skills!!!!!!!

At the end of March we had an idea: a way to help our dogs that have become invisible and that have been here far too long. We put our idea out there, a training program to help these dogs develop new skills and desired behaviors. 

Our amazing volunteers jumped at the chance and Team Sabrina and Team Rocko were born. Two teams of three people agreed to work with these dogs for at least the seven weeks that the training class was in session. They also committed to work with their dog throughout the week. We know that if they get a little more exposure and we help them gain these lifestyles skills we were opening a door for them that has not been open before. 

Sabrina now has a plethora of new skills to go home to her forever family with. She officially passed her test and learned the following skills.

Impulse control-things on the floor
Attention on you with people distractions
Humans greeting humans
Impulse control with other dogs (engage/disengage, look at that)
Doorways/impulse control
Not jumping up
Lifestyle reinforcement
Value of treats
Loose leash walking
Leash Reactivity skills
"Go say hi” game
Polite leash walking with distractions
Leave it
Fear periods
Distance, duration, distractions
Neutral dog

Her kennel behavior and manners here at the shelter have dramatically improved as well!

Thank you Team Sabrina for sticking it out and working so hard, Sabrina is now getting to become her best self. Thank you to our awesome trainer, Laurie Schlossnagle of Side by Side Dog Training.  Thank you Utah FACES for your support in this exciting new program. We are so proud of you and proud of this shelter. I'm sure so many other shelters wish they could have a Team Sabrina. I hope one day they do.

Sabrina is available for adoption or foster and comes with a free training session so we can continue all that she has learned. If you're interested in adopting her or donating so other shelter dogs can receive training like Sabrina's please contact