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volunteer of the month jenelle aitken

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
January 03, 2017

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Meet our volunteer of the month, Jenelle Aitken. Jenelle began volunteering for Salt Lake County Animal Services in September of 2016. Jenelle had lost her dog and after giving herself some time she decided the best thing she could do to honor her friend was to begin volunteering to help dogs at the shelter.

Jenelle dove right in and began volunteering at the shelter: socializing the dogs, getting them out of their kennels for play time, treats, training and love.

It wasn’t long before Jenelle was joining us at events and helping us to get the dog out of their kennels so that potential adopters could see them. Jenelle is an Orange collar volunteer which means she can work with more dogs in the facility as well as work with our Animal Behavior Team.

Jenelle regularly comes in on Saturday mornings to make sure that the dogs are getting out of their kennels on the weekends and getting sunshine and socialization. It didn’t take too long before she fell in love with an older Pitbull here at the shelter and became not only a volunteer but also a foster.

Jenelle and her roommate Bri (Who is also a volunteer) have taken him into their home and are giving him the chance to excel and show what his true personality is. Not to mention helping him heal from some medical issues.

Jenelle is a wonderful example of what volunteering is all about!

From all of us here at SLCO Animal Services


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