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Where Are They Now: Gemma

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
January 24, 2020

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Thousands of pets are adopted from Salt Lake County Animal Services every year. We love getting updates from their families on how they've settled into their new life. Meet Gemma, all though she may be little, she be fierce! Here's what her mom has to say:

We adopted Gemma a little over 5 years ago. We named her after her big “sister” Jewel, since Gemma means Jewel in Italian (her humans are proud of their Italian heritage).

Originally she was the only small dog with 3 German Shepherd brothers and sisters. Now she has a new sister about her same size.

Gemma is a big, tough dog in a fluffy little body. Everyone knows that she is the boss around here. She’s also a lot of fun and has helped many fearful foster dogs learn to relax and be a dog.

We moved to Texas last year and live by a lake. She was initially afraid of the water but she has overcome those fears and is now a champion swimmer. She is enjoying life in the warmer climate, although she’s always loved the snow. Mostly she is excited to go on any adventure and smell the tracks of all the wild animals in her new neighborhood. She protects the family by making sure everyone in the house knows if any person or animal comes within 100 feet of her house.

She’s very loved and we are grateful that she came into our family, she fits in perfectly.

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