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where are they now soter

Posted By SLCo Animal Services
August 31, 2018

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Soter (AKA Yukon at the shelter) was adopted from Salt Lake County Animal Services several months ago. We love hearing and seeing how our pets do after they're adopted. 

Here is Soter's update from his hooman:

On November 1, 2017; our beloved Great Dane, Cardea succumbed to aggressive bone cancer. It was a short 7.5 years, but a life full of great adventures. I swore we were done having poochies and would just babysit for friends. On December 22, 2017; I was casually scrolling through Facebook and saw a picture posted by Salt Lake County Animal Services, of a handsome fella by the name of “Yukon.” I immediately thought, “he needs to come home.” I packed up my little nephew and off we drove to meet the cutie. We arrived at Salt Lake County, only to discover he had been moved to Best Friends in Sugarhouse. Off we were again, calling on the way to ensure he was still there and he was. When we walked through the doors, he immediately started scratching at his glass enclosure. It was almost as if he knew we were there to see him. Our “meet and greet” went great!! He was so excited to go for a car ride and even more excited to see so many friends at Petsmart and receive so many new and fun things.

“Yukon” was quickly changed to Soter. In Greek Mythology; Soter is a daimon of safety, preservation, and deliverance from harm. He couldn’t have a more fitting name.

At Soter’s first vet checkup; it was learned that he was most likely a bait dog, was definitely beaten, and his ears were cut/ cropped with scissors. Because he had no history when we adopted him, the vet guessed that he was around 5 years old. We decided that his birthday was 12-22-2012. We will celebrate the day he came to his furrever home as his actual birthday.

Since Soter has been in our family; he has packed on a few lbs, his hair has grown back nicely; almost covering all his scars, and his personality has come out full force. He has quite the smile and loves to show it off! He didn’t seem to know what a blanket, or pillow were and now he loves them. He almost had to be taught how to play with toys and now he runs around with them and throws them to himself. His kid frequently spoils him with new toys and he goes absolutely nuts for them. He loves picking toys out of his toy basket to play with. Dental treats have really helped with the tartar on his teeth and he loves to have his nails filed with a nail file. He sits with his cat brothers for treat time and he fiercely protects them from other doggies. Nobody harasses his kitties, but him. 😊 Soter has made some great new furry friends and is extremely docile (unless his cats are in danger.) He loves to pacify on a few of his toys, so we think he was taken from his Momma too soon.

Soter’s favorite pastimes are napping and cuddling. His favorite treats are Blueberry Greenies. He’s been nicknamed “Meatball” because of his stout size, “Bowling Ball” because he likes to ram into people, and “Turtle” when he rolls onto his back for belly scratches.

I never thought I’d look into rescuing an animal and would absolutely do it again. We are even considering finding a brother, or sister for Soter because cat brothers aren’t so fun to play with.