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Step 1 - Terms and Conditions

  1. On The River’s Edge Ideas Competition (the “Competition”) is organized and administered by Salt Lake County (the “County”) and The Jordan River Foundation (Nonprofit).  Nonprofit will organize and administer the jury and award processes of the Competition; the County will organize and administer the remainder of the Competition.  Specifically, County will receive Competition entries and turn them over to Nonprofit to conduct the jury and award processes. The County and Nonprofit each reserve the right to assign an authorized designee to administer any element of or the entirety of the Competition for which they are each responsible.
  2. By entering the Competition, Entrants, their successors and assigns, agree in full to these Terms & Conditions.
  3. The County reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Competition for any reason.
  4. The County assumes no responsibility for postal, technical or natural conditions that prevent the receipt or judging of a Competition submission.
  5. No identifying information may appear within the content of the submission.
  6. The Competition and its Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah and the United States of America.
  7. The County reserves the right to revise these Terms & Conditions at any time and will provide such revisions on the Competition web site.
  8. By entering the Competition, Entrants, their successors and assigns, warrant that the submission is a unique and original work prepared for the Competition, and it has not been previously published or submitted to other competitions or to private clients.
  9. By entering the Competition, Entrants, their successors and assigns, warrant that the submission does not infringe upon any copyright or other intellectual or property right.
  10. By submitting a proposal, the Entrant certifies that it owns or it has obtained all necessary approvals for the reproduction or distribution of the contents of the proposal and agrees to indemnify, protect, save and hold the County, its representatives and employees harmless from any and all claims arising from all intellectual property claims related or connected to the proposal or any claims that the submission violates any laws or the rights of any party, and agrees to pay all legal fees incurred by the County in the defense of any such action.
  11. By entering the Competition, Entrants, their successors and assigns, grant the County the right to use, reproduce, and publish (electronic or print) in whole or in part, any copyrighted or trademark materials in any manner the County deems necessary for conducting County business and for educating the public about land use, the built and natural environments and/or urban planning, including but not limited to presentations, photocopying, County Intranet/Internet postings, broadcast faxing, and direct mailing.  All endeavors will be made to ensure accurate accreditation.
  12. By entering the Competition, any and all entrants, and where applicable, their successors and assigns, consent to grant to County a nonexclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, perpetual, license to use, construct, copy, and/or modify all of or a portion of the Competition submission and to create derivative works of and use, construct, copy, and/or modify all or a portion of those derivative works for the purpose of development and improvement projects and master plans in the County. Under such license, County can share the competition submissions with governmental entities and public utilities.
  13. Ideas from this competition may be used in master planning and for other government purposes, but the competition does not include a contract award component.
  14. Competition submissions will be evaluated, scored and ranked by a Jury based on how well the entry addresses the principles provided on the Competition website—Activation, Connectivity, Recreation, Conservation, and Economic Prosperity-- in accordance with the following point system.
    Criterion Available Points
    Compliance with all submission requirements. Pass/Fail
    Innovation and Creativity. Original ideas that capture the imagination and advance our thinking about the challenges. 15
    Feasibility and Practicality. Ideas that are achievable and respect environmental, ownership, and regulatory constraints. 15
    Activation. Ideas that draw people to the corridor through interactive, engaging, and diverse means. 20
    Connectivity. Ideas that foster connection to, through and along the corridor. 20
    Recreation. Ideas for varied types of quality recreation for all to enjoy. 20
    Conservation. Ideas that balance aesthetics, nature and safety in an ecologically sustainable way. 20
    Economic Prosperity. Ideas that adopt principles of thriving economic prosperity, including overall improvement for diverse communities. 20
    Total available points: 130
  15. Decisions of the jury represent their professional judgments and all decisions are final.  Members of the jury are listed on the Competition website. 
  16. The jury reserves the right to award winners but is not required to do so if the jury reasonably determines that the entries submitted do not meet the objectives of the Competition as stated in the information provided on the Competition website, ontheriversedge.org.
  17. Entrants are prohibited from communications regarding this Competition with Jury members and/or the Jury Moderator. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in disqualification.
  18. If Entrant is unwilling or unable to comply with these terms and conditions, or otherwise cannot accept or receive the prize for any reason, the Entrant with the next highest score may be chosen from the remaining Entrants until one who is able to meet all such requirements can be selected.
  19. Because the entries are conceptual in nature, the County would have to issue a request for proposal to obtain more detailed plans to develop a project based on an entry.  The County shall have the authority to use any legally permissible procurement method to develop a project based on Entrant’s submission, without the consent of Entrant.  The County may notify an Entrant of a procurement opportunity, but no Entrant shall be given any special consideration in such procurement. 
  20. Limit of one entry per individual/team.
  21. No individual may participate on multiple teams.
  22. There is no limit to the number of team members on a team.
  23. The Entrant bears all costs and expenses related to the Competition submission.
  24. Failure to adhere to the terms & conditions and/or requirements and rules of the competition is grounds for disqualification.
  25. Competition submission materials will not be returned.


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Step 3 - Fee

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