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Board of Health Minutes

The Salt Lake City-County Health Department was created on August 13, 1969.The Health Department is responsible for addressing issues that protect the health of Salt Lake County residents. The Salt Lake City-County Board of Health “will support, provide leadership to and hold accountable the Salt Lake City-County Health Department as it promotes, protects and fosters community and environmental health.” The Board of Health oversees issues including but not limited to, city clinics, watersheds, contagious diseases, environmental contamination, vehicle emissions, tobacco issues, restaurant permits, and dairy standards.

Prior to 1969, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County operated separate health departments. Salt Lake County’s Health Department was presided over by a Board of Health, established in 1960.Under an interlocal agreement, Salt Lake City Health Department and Salt Lake County Health Departments combined to form one. The agreement created a joint Board of Health to preside over the Health Department.Further agreements and authority provided under Title 26, Sections 26-24-1 through 26-24-24 of the Utah Code Annotated 1953 created the Salt Lake City-County Health Department and Board of Health, now called the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.

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