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Change of Form of Government

Proposed Optional Plan of County Government
(Change of Form of Government)

A citizen's advisory committee proposed that Salt Lake County separate the executive and legislative powers of Salt Lake County by adopting a new form of government. Previously, Salt Lake County operated under the management of a three-member County Commission, which performed all functions for the County. The new form of government would replace the three at-large county commissioners with an at-large county executive (mayor) and a nine-member council. The citizens of Salt Lake County voted on and passed this new form of government, and the change became effective on January 1, 2001.

The proposed optional plan of county government, of the kind described as the County Executive-Council management arrangement, is represented here in a final form, including a map of the proposed council districts, a list of the voting districts within each council district (at the time of the document), and a legal description of each council district.