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Tax Appraisal Cards & Photos

1934 – 1987 (bulk 1936 – 1970s)

These cards document assessed values on commercial and residential properties located in Salt Lake County between the years 1934 to 1980. Traditionally, the collection represents appraisal dates for 1936, 1957, 1964 and 1980.

  • Researchers must have a property address. These records cannot be searched by name.

The 1930s assessments document ownership, address, location, kind of building, street number, class, base factor, stories, additions, sq. feet, actual factor totals, rooms, deductions, year built, depreciation, garage, appraisal date, and footprint drawings. In some cases fuel tanks, sewage tanks and gas pumps are noted. The 1957 cards document similar notations including insulation and air conditioning. The cards for 1957 and 1980 detail supplementary appraisals, usually noted in colored pencil.

Tax Appraisal Cards, 1970s - 1991: These are currently being digitized and uploaded to our website.  We are currently 2/3 of the way through this large series.  Check regularly as more are uploaded each week.  

  • Example of the Tax Appraisal Cards   and the types of information you can expect to find on a typical card.
  • Arrangement: Tax Appraisal Cards are arranged by tax serial number (tax number used prior to 1984). The photographs are arranged by tax parcel number (current tax number).  Appraisal cards and appraisal photographs are physically stored separately for preservation reasons.
  • A guide to assist in dating the appraisal photographs, if no date can be found on the corresponding appraisal card.  

Historic Buildings of Salt Lake City

Collection of tax appraisal cards and photographs representing the historic buildings in Salt Lake City as listed in the book: The Historic Buildings of Downtown Salt Lake City by John S. McCormick (1982, Utah State Historical Society).