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The Salt Lake County historical birth and death records databases are searchable by subject’s name, father or mother’s name, and date. Results can be sorted alphabetically by first or last name of subject or parent, or chronologically by clicking on the column headings. Please note that the month column will sort alphabetically rather than chronologically.

Birth Records, 1890-1911

Death Records, 1847-1949

Search Tips
The best search strategy for these databases for last names beginning with Mc, Mac, De, O’, Le Van, or St: Do two separate searches by entering the last name including a space and without a space. Examples: “McDonald” and “Mc Donald” or “Obrien,” “O Brien,” or "O'Brien."

Several results for the same individual may appear for birth records from 1903-1908. Salt Lake County Vital Records maintained two volumes for this time span, each containing possible later additions. They may contain identical data, or they may contain additional data important to the record. It is advisable to examine all of the images linked to the individual that you are searching for.

To enlarge an image, either click "View larger image," click with your mouse on the image, or (for ledger books that display two pages at a time), hold the control button on your keyboard while pressing either (-) or (+) to increase or decrease the image.

If you cannot locate a birth or death record or find an error in transcription, please contact the Salt Lake County Archives at