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Necessary investment to improve access to clean drinking water and to invest in wastewater and storm water infrastructure

  • Eligibility uses are aligned with the Environmental Protection Agency project categories for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
  • Allows for building or upgrading facilities and transmission, distribution, and storage system for drinking water, wastewater, and storm water.

Infrastructure Projects

Water Partnerships
Program Description Approved Budget

Water is essential to life. Without additional water for the growing population, the future quality of life for Salt Lake County (SLCo) residents will decrease. Residential development and many other industries rely on adequate  availability of water. Water conservation is one of the best methods for preserving Salt Lake County's water supply.

The ARPA funding for this program will be used to improve county-wide water conservation efforts by increasing collaboration with the different municipalities and water districts. The goal of this collaboration is to create effective  and individualized water conservation plans. The results of these plans will be tracked to determine their efficacy. 


Water Partnerships Dashboard

Water Conservation: Artificial Turf
Program Description Approved Budget
Water conservation is a priority to Salt Lake County. In an effort to conserve water, while also continuing to provide access to quality, durable, cost-effective outdoor sports fields, this project will involve replacing grass with synthetic turf at our multi-purpose sports fields in Murray.  $6,223,247 
Water Conservation: Artificial Turf Dashboard  
Water Conservation: Flip the Strip
Program Description Approved Budget
The Flip the Strip program focuses on water conservation efforts by converting Salt Lake County's facility parking strips into water-efficient designs. $2,196,550
Water Conservation: Flip the Strip Dashboard  
Green Well Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant
Program Description Approved Budget
Riverton City and Salt Lake County will partner to improve the Green Well by constructing a reverse osmosis filtration system. This project will improve drinking water quality, help to meet the Utah Division of Water Quality's discharge standards of effluent, and improve the cities resistance to drought conditions.  $3,000,000
Green Well Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant