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Expungement Tool Kit

This website is a community resource that provides information and guidance on cleaning up your Utah criminal records.

You can use this Toolkit and go through the expungement process without an attorney.

Expungement Fee Waiver ends July 1st 2023.

Motion to Waive Fees Form linked here: Fee Waiver & Motion Form

-If you receive government assistance, use this form: Fee Waiver & Motion Form

Automatic Expungement

Some low-level records will be automatically expunged by the courts. No application or petition is required. This takes you to Clean Slate Utah’s website where you can find out more.

*If your case was dismissed, you may have to wait a bit for the courts to automatically expunge. You might want to remove the link between your personal identifying information and the case while you wait. Find out more about “Delinking”.

**Click here for information on how to find out if your case was automatically expunged.


Petition-Based Expungement

Petition-based expungement is the process for cleaning up records that do not qualify for automatic expungement.

The petition process is complicated and lengthy. This is a step-by-step guide that breaks down the process and includes all the forms you will need.


402 Reduction(s)

This section provides you with the instructions and forms you need for a 402 reduction. A “402 Reduction” is when the court agrees to change a conviction to a less serious degree. Sometimes this is required before you can qualify for expungement. Find out more by answering some questions.


Traffic Expungement

This section provides you with the instructions and forms you need to expunge records for traffic offense convictions.  Note: a DUI is NOT a traffic offense, you may use the petition-based expungement guide above if you seek to expunge a DUI.


For more information about other services, please check-out the following external websites:

If you decide you need representation, Utah Legal Services provides free expungement assistance to individuals who qualify. 

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