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File Petition and Certificate of Eligibility with Court & Serve Prosecutor

- You must Purchase Certificate(s) AND File Petition(s) within 90 days from date BCI responds to your application

Now that you have your Certificate(s) of Expungement Eligibility from Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), you have completed Step 1 of the expungement process.  STEP 2 requires you to petition the court to grant your expungement. To do this, you need to fill out a Petition for each certificate and file it with the court (along with that certificate).  You will also need to provide the prosecutor a copy of that Petition and a copy of that certificate.  All of this must be finished before the expiration date on your certificate.

What you should know before you begin

  • You will NEED to have an email address and access to a printer to complete this portion of the process.
  • You MUST complete this task AND file these documents with the court, BEFORE the expiration date indicated at the bottom of your signed certificate.  (Otherwise, you will need to start the application process over.)
  • The Cost to File EACH petition for Expungement is $150.  (Example: If you are eligible to expunge 5 records, it will cost $150 times five or $750.)
    • You have the option to fill out additional paperwork for each and every petition you are requesting this $150 fee be waived.  Instructions are included in Task E on the next page.
  • You will need additional information not found on your certificates to fill out paperwork. Refer to your Case Docket for this information. Use the case number on your certificate to access this information at MyCase.
    • Note: Dockets exist only for cases with an assigned 9-digit number.  List the Prosecutor as the County Attorney in the area the court is located, if no docket is available.

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