This Week's Night Vision: Reasons for the Seasons

Posted December 14, 2018

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An illustration of the four seasons by NASA.
Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the four seasons on Earth. (Image credit: NASA)

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. You know we have seasons, and here in Utah, they can be pretty extreme. But do you understand why those seasons happen? It all has to do with our own little blue dot's place in space. That's right. Our planet may be small in the grand scheme of things, but it makes big things happen for those of us down here on the surface. Check it out in this week's edition of Night Vision: Reasons for the Seasons on Saturday, December 8th at 6:45 PM, where we'll be looking at just what does make the seasons go 'round!

Tickets are just $2.00 per person for the public, and free for members of Clark Planetarium. Get your tickets now.