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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were the first humans to set foot on the Moon. To honor the 50th anniversary of this achievement in space exploration and human ingenuity, Clark Planetarium will host a Launch to Landing celebration, July 16th through the 20th.  These 5 days honor the span of time from the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to touchdown on the Moon. The events are designed to engage our community while inspiring wonder and learning about past achievements and the future of scientific discovery and space exploration.

Apollo 11 moon landing celebration

Chasing the Moon Screening

July 10, 7 PM

Clark Planetarium’s Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre 

Chasing the Moon PosterIn 1969, humanity paused and looked skyward to witness the impossible. Fifty years later, pause once again. “Chasing the Moon,” a film by Robert Stone, premieres across three nights, beginning July 8 on PBS. Watch the third and final installment of the series with KUED and Clark Planetarium at our IMAX Theatre. Free to the public, enjoy hands-on moon activities and free popcorn and soda. Click here to register now.


Global Rocket Launch

July 16, 10 AM

Veteran’s Memorial Park, West Jordan

Global Rocket Launch

All engines running…. Liftoff! We have liftoff!

Join the West Jordan Library and Clark Planetarium to launch your own model rockets as well as see a Saturn 5 model rocket launch – the Saturn 5 was the rocket that launched the Apollo 11 astronauts into space! Click here to register to launch your own rocket. (You do not have to register to watch.)


In partnership with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, organizations and individuals from around the world are gathering to launch model rockets on a Global Rocket Launch to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. For the Global Rocket Launch, participants are encouraged to share photos and videos of their experience with the world by including #GlobalRocketLaunch on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Movies on the Plaza

July 17, 7:30 PM

Film Begins at Sunset

The Gateway Olympic Legacy Plaza

Join us under the stars for a screening of First Man in the Olympic Plaza at The Gateway. Clark Planetarium and KUED will have activities for kids and families before the film starts. Click here for more details.


NASA Workshop with Jessica Vos

July 17, 11 AM and 2 PM and July 18, 11 AM and 2 PM

Clark Planetarium

Jessica VosThis is your opportunity to get some face time with a NASA Engineer! Jessica Vos is leading four workshops to talk about human survivability in space and all the challenges that come with flying among the stars. Live science demonstrations will be on display following Jessica’s program. Space is limited. Click here to register today.


Moon Walk featuring 1520 Arts

July 18, 7-10 PM

Clark Planetarium


Thank you for your interest in this special celebration!  Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.  Anyone who purchased tickets will receive a full refund.  We hope to celebrate space discovery with you in the future.  Please visit our Events page for a list of other fun activities inside and outside of the Planetarium. 

Gateway Art Walk Moon Art

July 19, 6-9 PM

Clark Planetarium

Visit Clark Planetarium for the July 19 Gateway Art Walk to see moon-themed art and visualizations on our Science on a Sphere (360-screen), and other space and science themed art projects. Also on exhibit will be the winners of the KUED Kid’s Writers and Illustrators 2019 Contest.


Moon Landing Anniversary Celebration

July 20, 11 AM- 3 PM

A full day of family-friendly activities celebrating the Apollo 11 Moon Landing anniversary with Clark Planetarium and KUED. The celebration starts with a free screening of Ready Jet Go! One Small Step in the IMAX Theatre at 11AM (no registration required, grab your tickets at our ticket counter). Visit arts and crafts stations with all things moon-themed, put on virtual reality goggles to experience moon gravity, and much, much more! This celebration is FREE and open to the public!

Thanks to all of our partners providing activities: KUED, Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake City Library, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Northrop Grumman.

Ready Jet Go!: One Small Step Celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing! When Jet reveals he's built a brand-new super saucer, the friends head to the moon to test it out! But after a rough landing, Jet and Sunspot go missing and it's up to the rest of the gang to find them. Watch as the friends search for Jet and Sunspot and discover the many exciting things the Apollo 11 astronauts left behind on the moon!


Evening Lecture Presentation with Jessica Vos, NASA Engineer

July 20, 7 PM

Clark Planetarium

Join us for an engaging conversation with Jessica Vos, NASA Orion Spacecraft Systems Engineer, during our Summer Lecture Series program. Throughout her career at NASA Jessica has planned and executed multiple flight hardware projects as well as large-scale integrated human-in-the-loop tests, advancing through multiple positions encompassing the development of human space flight system technologies and human research studies. She currently serves as a Health & Medical Technical Authority representative for the Orion program and also manages a suite of spaceflight hardware development and certification projects that will protect/ensure crew health and performance during Orion's manned missions. Hosted by Clark Planetarium, Hill Aerospace Museum, and KUED.


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