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NASA's 2020 CineSpace Short-Film Competition at Clark Planetarium

Join us on November 19th and 20th at 4:45 p.m. in the Northrop Grumman IMAX® Theatre as NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society present CineSpace.

CineSpace is a short-film competition that offers aspiring and professional filmmakers a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery.

The short Films scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 19th are:

  • NASA 1991 Recruitment Reel (1:58)
  • 7 Planets (6:43)
  • Dizzy (4:36)
  • Somnium (3:45)
  • Space Orchestra (4:56)
  • Vindold (8:43)
  • Space TV (3:43)
  • The Most Ideal Place (9:52)

The short Films scheduled for Friday, November 20 are:

  • Apollo 11 (7:58)
  • Nomadic Cloud (4:59)
  • Homo Sapiens in Space (3:34)
  • Postcards From Miss Universe (7:55)
  • Lift Off (4:15)
  • Mack Minded Humanly Possible (8:26)
  • The Only Home We Will Ever Know (3:11)

Tickets are free, but limited. To register, please go to this link

For more information about CineSpace, please go to this link.

We hope to see you here!