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Observing The Night Sky

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Get tickets for Night Vision on Thursday, September 26th or Saturday, September 28th at 6:45 p.m. for an introduction to Observing The Night Sky. 

Over the ages, people have looked up with wonder as they stared at the stars.  This fascination has lead to powerful telescopic inventions that enable us to get a closer look at our solar system but astronomy always begins with the naked eye. 


There are many things you can see on your own without using a telescope. Some of these things include:

  • stars and constellations and how their appearance changes
  • the repeating pattern of the moon’s phases
  • the yearly change in the height and rise and set points of the Sun
  • the motion of planets against background stars

All of these astronomical phenomena can be easily experienced by making regular observations of the sky over time.

During this program you will experience examples of what can be observed. We will also discuss basic sky terminology and the astronomical coordinate system that one science writer has described as “ghost lines in the sky”.

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