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Space Weather

We experience weather on Earth everyday but did you know there is weather in space?  Night Vision at 6:45pm on Sept. 12th and Sept. 14th will discuss Space Weather.  Tickets cost $2.  Click here for tickets.
Space weather refers to changes in the space environment between the Sun and Earth. We are familiar with the heat and light we receive from the Sun, but the star in our Solar System is in a constant state of change itself. These changes produce a wide range of events that include solar flares, coronal mass ejections, solar particle events and solar wind. The intensity of any one of these events has impacts on our daily lives and can have severe consequences if Earth is hit by them.


While major events in Earth’s history are rare, minor ones occur frequently. Solar storms and the solar wind are responsible for our aurorae, the Northern Lights. Behind these colorful light shows are powerful interactions between charged particles coming from the Sun and Earth’s magnetic field (known as the magnetosphere).

Interruptions in radio communication can result from these forces, affecting both airline flights in the Northern Hemisphere and satellite operations in space. Major events have the potential for catastrophic impacts for our satellites, communication abilities, and even our power grids.

Space Weather

How are we monitoring these potential threats? Are we prepared for them? Join us for a Night Vision on Space Weather where we will explore the Sun, the weather it produces, and the impacts it has on our lives.