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Spooky Space

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Join us for a special Halloween Night Vision Oct. 31 at 6:45pm.  We will discuss how spooky space can be.  Click here for $2 tickets.

Humans are fragile creatures. Our bodies have adapted to exist in a very narrow section of the earth’s atmosphere, within a narrow range of temperatures, and with a very specific mixtures of gases. There are many places on our own planet that are too extreme for our bodies to survive. All of this means that space is extremely dangerous.

When thinking of the dangers of Space, it is only natural to imagine unlucky astronauts lost in the vacuum without their protective space suit. While being left for too long in the void would certainly be a death sentence, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Space is fraught with peril beyond our wildest imagining, especially when we start getting into the places that aren’t quite so empty.

Please join us this Halloween for an exploration of some of the most dangerous aspects of space, and the ways in which it is trying to kill you.

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