Hansen Planetarium Classics

As the continuation of Hansen Planetarium, Clark Planetarium maintains a library of Hansen Planetarium's most popular traditional, slide-based shows.

We provide show kits (slide images, scripts, and soundtracks) to assemble your in-house presentations. Images are delivered in digital format and can be processed into slides by a film lab.

Library Contents

The Hansen Planetarium Classics Library contains materials (slide images, scripts, and soundtracks) to build and present the following shows:

  • Adventures Along the Spectrum
  • Cosmic Catastrophes
  • Dawn of Astronomy
  • Endless Horizons
  • Footsteps
  • Galaxies
  • Islands in the Sky
  • Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
  • Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
  • Springtime of the Universe
  • The People
  • The Universe of Dr. Einstein

Some Assembly Required!

The Hansen Planetarium Classics are show kits—they are not "turn key" or "ready to run." You will need to prepare the shows to run on your planetarium system.

Clark Planetarium does not offer technical support for Hansen Planetarium Classic Library show kits.

Film Labs for Slide Production

The following labs produce photographic slides from digital files. (These providers are listed free of charge for the benefit of our licensees. Please contact us to add or correct a listing.)

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