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June 2nd, 2021

BBC Earth’s ANTARCTICA Premieres

BBC Earth’s ANTARCTICA Premieres in the Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre

SALT LAKE CITY – Clark Planetarium is pleased to announce the opening of BBC Earth’s ANTARCTICA, a new film that will premiere in the Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre on Saturday, June 5, 2021.  The movie will show three times daily, at 11:45 a.m., 2:15 p.m., and 4:45 p.m. Tickets cost $7 each, except for Planetarium members, who get in for free. Tickets are available at

            The film features Academy Award® nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock,” “Doctor Strange”) as he narrates a journey through the most extreme continent on our planet.

Antarctica is a land of mystery and yet what happens here affects every single one of us. With never-before seen footage, the film takes audiences to the farthest reaches of this wild and majestic continent. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth. It has the roughest oceans and yet, weird, and wonderful creatures thrive here in astounding abundance.

Using the latest underwater filming techniques, the film dives beneath sea ice, more than 6 feet thick, to experience the alien world of its seafloor – thousands of purple starfish scuttling to escape being entrapped by growing ice and elaborate jellyfish dancing a deadly dance. It swims alongside playful seals, soars above mountain peaks and vast penguin colonies, and witnesses the largest congregation of fin and humpback whales ever filmed.

Antarctica seems far away, but it and its surrounding Southern Ocean both play a vital role for the entire planet, regulating ocean currents, sea levels and its wildlife-filled waters can absorb huge amounts of carbon. New science is revealing that dramatic changes are occurring and rapidly warming this pristine land of snow and ice.

ANTARCTICA is executive produced by BBC Earth Natural History Unit and distributed by SK Films. Directed by Fredi Devas and Producer Jonny Keeling.

For more information about ANTARCTICA, visit

About Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is Utah’s premier astronomy learning museum located in downtown Salt Lake City at the Gateway Center. The Planetarium’s mission is to create and present enlightening experiences that inspire wonder in learning about space and science. For more information visit or follow Clark Planetarium on social media.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth is a global portfolio brand that invites audiences everywhere to engage with the wonders of our universe. We bring amazing premium content, television and experiences to the world, across multiple platforms including branded channels, live events, digital and social media, AR/VR, theatrical releases for cinema and Giant Screen films and consumer products. We believe that celebrating and connecting with our world is more important than ever, across nature, science, space and the human race

Along with our partners we are continually innovating to find new stories and experiences to bring insight, enlightenment and fresh perspectives to inspire us to think and feel differently about our world. From the epic to the everyday, BBC Earth brings you face to face with heart-pounding action, mind-blowing ideas and the sheer wonder of being part of this amazing planet we call home. Visit for more info.

SK Films

SK Films is an award-winning content provider and a global leader in the IMAX®/Giant Screen industry. SK works across various genres and platforms, including theatrical, television and digital media, with a special emphasis on creating high impact natural history and science related content.

SK has a reputation as one of the most accomplished and respected producers and distributors supplying 3D, 2D and Dome product to IMAX and other Giant Screen theaters worldwide, with a mission to entertain and inspire audiences and immerse them in the awe and wonder of the world we live in. For more information, please visit