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Gift Cards

Purchase a pre-loaded gift card online or at Clark Planetarium. If you purchase online, we are happy to mail the gift card to you or the gift recipient.

Gift Cards

Meet our Telescope Expert-Tom Sevcik

Tom is our telescope sales specialist. He has built and used various types of telescopes for over 50 years!  Tom served as Vice President of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, and is an active member of the club. He teaches classes on Astrophotography at Great Basin National Park among other places.

He is especially knowledgeable with the new generation of computer guided telescopes, many of which we sell here at Clark Planetarium. Please feel free to talk with him in our store at 385-468-1264 if you have questions about what telescope would be best to buy for your situation.

Celestron Nexstar SE Series

Our most popular line of telescopes, the Nexstar series revolutionized Telescopes, bringing computerized star location and guidance to scope enthusiast for a very affordable price! The unique single fork mount makes the scope easily transportable and allows for quick set-up and take-down. They are lightweight and easy to transport, even in small vehicles. The Schmidt-Cassegrain optics provide crisp images of your favorite celestial objects, and has a 40,000 object database. If is compatible with Wi-Fi drives (not included). 

Nexstar 5SE    $699.95
Nexstar 6SE    $799.95
Nexstar 8SE    $1199.95

Celestron Astro-Fi Telescopes

The Astro Fi line gives you top-of-the-line bells and whistles at an entry level price! These scopes have integrated Wifi that allows you to control them from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Observe in no time with a quick and easy, no-tool set-up! The included smartphone adapter lets you take pictures like a pro using your own phone.

Astro Fi 130MM Newtonian (Reflector) Telescope   $449.95
Astro Fi 102MM Mak-Cassegrain Telescope  $429.95

Whether you’re looking for educational toys and games for the kids or star books and telescopes for the kids at heart, our store has unique products the whole family can enjoy! We open at 10:30 AM every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.