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  • Salt Lake County Clerk
    Election Division

    2001 S State Street, #S1-200
    PO Box 144575
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
    Hours 8:00 – 5:00 M -F
    Closed state and federal holidays

      385-GOT-VOTE (385-468-8683)
    Social Media: 
        Salt Lake County Elections Facebook   Salt Lake County Elections Twitter

  • Explanation of Primary Elections

    The 2018 Primary Elections will be conducted mainly by mail. There will also be early voting locations and Election Day Vote Centers available.

     The upcoming Primary Election is a process by which political parties nominate candidates to represent their party in the November General Election.  The Republican Party requires voters to affiliate with their party to participate in their primary.  The Democratic Party does not require voters to affiliate with their party to vote in their primary.   The Democratic Party primaries are not countywide. There are no primaries for other political parties this year.  The rules for conducting partisan primary elections are established by the political parties – not the County Clerk’s Office.   This year, there are two non-partisan school board primaries as listed below and any voter who resides in one of these districts may vote in these races regardless of party affiliation.

     Below is a list of Primary Election contests to be held in Salt Lake County.  To determine which races pertain to your voting precinct, refer to our website ( where you may view your sample ballot, or access a map to assist you in determining which ballot you want to request.

    (NOTE: Voters may vote for candidates of any party in the November General Election regardless of party affiliation.)

    Republican Party
    • The Republican Party has chosen to close their Primary Election and only voters affiliated with the Republican Party on their voter registration form will be allowed to vote the Republican Ballot. (Unaffiliated voters may affiliate at the polls on Election Day to be eligible to vote the Republican Ballot.)
    Democratic Party
    • The Democratic Party has chosen to allow all registered voters to vote in their Primary Election regardless of party affiliation.
    • There are no primaries for other political parties this year.
    • If a non-partisan contest (i.e. State School Board #6 or Jordan School Board #3) pertains to your voting precinct, you may vote a non-partisan ballot. (Non-partisan races will be included on partisan ballots where applicable.)

    Districts with Primaries

    Below is a list of the districts where primaries are taking place this year in Salt Lake County. Unaffiliated voters were mailed a letter on May 12-14 to give them an opportunity to request a partisan ballot.

    • Democratic Party Ballot
      • Utah State Senate-District #2
      • Utah State House of Representatives-District #24
    • Republican Party Ballot
      • US Senate-Countywide/Statewide
      • US House of Representatives-District #3
      • Utah State Senate–District #3
      • Utah State Senate–District #8
    • Non-Partisan Ballot
      (These contests will be included on partisan ballots where applicable.)
      • State School Board-District #6
      • Jordan School Board-District #3

    What is on the Primary Ballot in my precinct?

    1. Follow this Link to the map of Salt Lake County.
    2. Enter you address in the box in the upper left side.
    3. Once your parcel is identified, close your address box and click on your property parcel (not on the dot).
    4. You will get a pop-up informing you of what is on the ballot for your precinct.

    Vote By Mail Elections Information

    • Ballots will be mailed 3 weeks before Election Day to eligiblevoters.
    • Postage-paid return envelopes will be provided.
    • Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked no later thanthe day before Election Day (June 25).
    • Ballots may also be returned on Election Day to Vote Centers and Drop Boxes through 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
    • NOTE: Voters who update their address will be mailed a ballot up until 1 week before Election Day (June 19).