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2022 Primary Election Party Affiliation

The June 28th Partisan Primary Elections are held so political parties can narrow the field of candidates and select nominees to represent their party on the November General Election ballot. Registered voters will be mailed a primary election ballot corresponding to the party affiliation indicated on their voter registration.

Pursuant to a new law passed by the State Legislature last year (Utah Code 20A-2-107 and 20A-2-107.5), a new party affiliation deadline of March 31 was implemented which may affect voters wishing to participate in closed primary elections.

  • Parties holding open primaries (see table below), permit any eligible voter, regardless of affiliation, to vote in the primary.
  • Parties holding closed primaries (see table below), only permit voters affiliated with those parties to vote in the primary.

If you are currently AFFILIATED with a political party

  • To vote in your party's primary
    • Do nothing, a ballot will be mailed to you, should one occur for your precinct
  • To vote in the closed primary of a different party
  • To vote in the open primary of a different party

If you are currently UNAFFILIATED with a political party

(Unaffiliated voters may affiliate at an in-person Vote Center and vote a partisan ballot after June 17)

If you are currently

  • Register to vote on or before June 17. You may either affiliate with a party to receive a ballot for an open or closed primary, or remain unaffiliated and request an open primary ballot.

NOTE: Party Affiliation only applies to primary elections. Voters may vote for any candidate of any political party in the November General Elections regardless of party affiliation. Pursuant to state law, voters may only vote in one partisan primary election.

Open Primary
(open to any voter, regardless of political affiliation)
Closed Primary
(open only to voters affiliated with that party)
Democratic Party Republican Party
Independent American Party
(no primary election in 2022)
Libertarian Party
(no primary election in 2022)
United Utah Party
(no primary election in 2022)
Constitution Party
(no primary election in 2022)